First Post Shenanigans!

This is the post excerpt.


This is the first post in my new blog.

FAIR WARNING… This is NOT my gardening blog. This is *MY* blog… It’s about me, my life, my crap and all the various levels of stupidity I manage to survive on my way from waking to snoring. Maybe also some comments on the crap I dream about too.

Some things to note…

There will be swearing. Not overmuch… But it will happen.

There will be things you do not like or agree with. This is fine.

If you feel I have something wrong DAMN WELL TELL ME!

At some point I may need to mark this blog as mature. (No porn though)

You have the right to stop reading or un-sub from this blog.

There will be YouTube links, stupidity, rantings, ravings and me abusing the common ellipsis like nothing you have ever seen before… <- See? 5 times already in this post! O.O

I do not like cats. I do not like dogs. I do like fish, but not on my plate.

I will be posting pictures of my food on occasion.

I can cook, but I have the strange ability to only be able to make food LOOK good or TASTE good… Not both. If it looks good then it will taste like crap… You can guess the rest. >.>

There will be other things I have yet to think about .

This is not an exhaustive list.

Above all. I am an idiot.

17 thoughts on “First Post Shenanigans!”

  1. Excellent. Can I make a recommendation though? Don’t write anything you wouldn’t be happy to have printed against your name and face on the front page of the Times. That’s basically the rule of everything that goes onto the internet.

    Still, I am rather cautious by nature.

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