The Idiot At Work

We all have one. That one moron that just doesn’t fit in, is a royal pain or actually goes out of his way to antagonise the rest of the workers.

Well… We have one where I work too. No names… But he is a basic tosser. He is a Topper, a wannabe socialite, lazy… No… I take that back. He is a toxic procrastinator. He will actively go out of his way to avoid work. And he is also a sexist little twat and he makes my fists itch.

Ugh… I’m not even sure how to start with him. The group that I work with is part of a new project, so nobody has any real seniority or anything like that. We have a Supervisor to make decisions and take the shit, 2 team leaders that are basically just workers that get to do a little more work for no more pay or thanks, along with the rest of the team that just does the job.
But he will try to make himself sound SO MUCH more important by trying to take charge of jobs (And fuck them up) or try to tell people to go do things… Generally things we were going to do anyway… So, you know… Redundant. >.>
He also seems to think that he was in a position to take over as a supervisor!

But through all of that he does nothing himself. But he does manage to look busy not doing it though! B-)

Oh… And he has no concept of the chain of command… He will do the equivalent of talking to Steve Jobs about a spill on the floor of an Apple Store! (Shush, it was the only example I could think of)
It’s annoying the people above us because it’s crap we should be dealing with, not them. But he wants to look good to us (failed) by looking like he is buddies with the brass.

Oh… And worst of all… He refuses to bring in biscuits or sweets for the group but he will hoover up anything we bring in.

Twat. >.>
Is homicide legal yet? 



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