Monday Musing – Being An Adult



12 thoughts on “Monday Musing – Being An Adult”

                    1. Oh well… Torrent the eps… It’s not hard. (That’s what *she* said!)

                      And the joke was that we knew a guy, years ago, that went to Ireland on a stag weekend and came back with some very nice Guinness and a bout of the clap… Poor bugger. B-)
                      a spate of galloping knob-rot is a joke that never goes away. B-D

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                    2. Ha! Oh dear. Well I can honestly say I haven’t got that here! Did he hit a local gal or a hooker? I’m well away from Dublin, and appreciative of that distance (would you want to live in London?). But pretty sure the clap knows nothing about small towns being safe!

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                    3. I’m guessing he picked up a prostitute… It *may* have been a one night stand with a girl he met… But I doubt it! B-D

                      And No… I left Manchester because it was getting too much. London would be horrific! O.o


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