I like looking at old buildings. Older Churches in particular. Even though I am an Atheist I have got to admit that Religion did a grand job of getting some awesome buildings made.


This is St Willibrords RC church in Clayton, Manchester. It was the church I was taken to when I was young. What a building! I swear it looks like there should be archers on the roof and a ballista somewhere on the grounds! B-)

Yes, old churches have often reminded me of castles, fortifications and the art of siegework.


Matthias Church (Mátyás-templom) In Budapest, Hungary. Looks like it came right out of Lord of the Rings! A bit more fairytale than fortification… But, still. B-)


Saints Peter and Paul Church – East Liberty, Pittsburg, USA. And we are back to ‘Imposing’.
I wonder if the wife recognises it? She damn well should!


Saints Peter and Paul Church, New Orleans. Come on… It even has two turrets you could use for trebuchets!

Anyway… Silly post… Because I like weird things. B-)


4 thoughts on “Architecture”

  1. I like church architecture too – I’m always sad when it isn’t magnificent. I’ve seen a couple of famous English cathedrals (Ely, Salisbury) and was just overwhelmed. In and outside, just amazing. Also atheist, I boggle at why they put that much work into it, but I’m glad they did. I’ve often said my ‘one magic wish’ would be for humans to not ever have believed in any gods – but damn, it would be a shame to not have the art.
    Now, why is the Pittsburgh church so special? Come on…

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    1. It’s in a scene… In a film that the wife really likes.

      And yes, churches and the like are magnificent. I know they built them for the glory of their deity de jour… But the amount of money that must have been sunk into them over the decades. I remember that the one I grew up with was constantly under repair and asking for money for this, that or the other. *sigh*

      St Paul’s Catherderal in London has millions spent on it each year for upkeep of the place… But what a place it is! I am happy to see the money spent on it. Its money well spent.

      You know that the creation of the Gods was a very necessary step in our mental evolution, yes?
      They gave us the ability to conquer fears, to a degree. Once we were over those fears, the dark night time, the predators that take our children, the seasons and the other terrors that befell the cave dwelling proto-humans… Once we were comfortable with the fact that they exist we could begin to question them properly… The only issue is that the people who got the power of the speakers of the Gods didn’t want to lose that power. THAT is where it all fell apart.

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        1. Nope… By then the priests were in charge. They were probably bright people anyway and knew how to manipulate others. You rarely saw a poor, hungry priest back in those times!
          They would have had all the power of knowledge. When someone needed an answer to something they would have given something weird and nebulous. So if it didn’t work then it was YOU that failed… Not the Gods… Either that or they were capricious… Who knows the wills of Gods? B-)


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