Tomorrow me and the missus will be taking our daughter to the open day at her preferred University, and… Wait, what?  UNIVERSITY?!!!! WTF?

I’m not old enough to have a minion going to Uni! Holy crap! O.O

It was only 20 minutes ago me and her were doing our version of this… Except we didn’t video it and our singing was real and quite a bit crappier! (But that never stopped us having “Singing Fridays!”)


Me and the minion circa 1999. Where have the years gone? Where did all my hair go?!

I suppose all parents must go through this… Even mine (Although with my terrible choice of music and even worse singing they may secretly have been happy to see the back of me!)
Lol… Just joking… B-)

She will be 18 this year… And I thought her going to ‘Big School’ was a huge step.


4 thoughts on “Uni-a-go-go!”

    1. She used to be a terrible camera poser! And…I don’t know… Can you ask? O.o

      She is studying Game Design and Computing. This is a good mix of actual Computer science specialising in Game design… So if she doesn’t get her dream job she can do a LOT of other jobs because the game design requires knowledge of systems that are used in many fields of work such as database construction and manipulation, analytics, statistics and general software construction.

      And lets be honest, that’s a good wide base to have in the modern world.

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