Monday Musings – Social Anxiety?

Do I have social anxiety?

I often find humans are hard work and sometimes it’s easier to simply not bother with them. Thankfully my wife has similar thoughts so we both happily live on the fine line of loving without annoying the shit out of each other. B-)

Do I suffer with Anthropophobia then? I don’t think I do as such. I’m not scared of people, I’m just lazy and don’t want to be near most of them because they are hard work… The big issue I have is that making friends is difficult… REALLY difficult. Many people I have worked with get confused and ask why I don’t have any friends because I get on with most people, really well on occasion. *sigh*

I also have another strange dichotomy… I love playing MMO’s… But I play on my own. My wife was a WoW widow for years and yet I don’t think I joined a group other than a PuG (Pick up group) to achieve a specific goal and then I will leave the group, give my thanks and move on.  Even playing World Of Tanks, a forced group game, I managed to play as a solo player… A feat I am rather proud of! B-)

The list of MMOs I have played is long, I currently play Firefall and I STILL play them on my own. Groups annoy me. I don’t want to lead them and poor leadership from others annoys me.

The last question that often lingers at the back of my mind…Am I evil? Am I just a horrible person that pushes others away because I am not nice?
Erm… No. Well.. I don’t think so. But I would have to leave that up to everyone else to answer. So far the majority response would be strongly in the negative… But could they be lying? I doubt it.

I bet a psychologist would have a witty 2 word description for me… Apathetic Geek … B-)


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Social Anxiety?”

  1. Sounds more like social-can’t-be-arsed. I don’t have a lot of friends either, but I live in a country not of my birth in a small-ass town where everyone grew up together their whole lives. Not much room to fit me in. So, my main friends are other foreigners. Canadian, Italian, English, Japanese, German, and Dutch. It’s fun, actually. I like learning about different cultures and places, and I don’t have to travel!
    What two word phrase were you thinking of? I’m not a shrink 🙂

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    1. First thing to do its to learn to swear in multiple languages! B-)
      The biggest “help” to me has been the internet. The ability to speak to people I would not otherwise have even known about is epic!

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