Growing Old

As I type this I am 42. Not that old in the grand scheme of things. I still get called ‘Kid’ by some people at work, which I find highly amusing… B-)

While some aspects of growing old suck arse… My knees will never be classed as ‘good’ again, my back hurts and both my vision and memory are on the way out… But there are some good aspects to getting old. I no longer feel the need to prove myself to others. Maybe I am just a cynical bastard, maybe I am simply a realist, but I no longer care what others think. To be honest I never really did. I have always been on the outside of ‘the group’, looking in and frequently wondering “WTF, dude?” O.o

I don’t know if this is a common thing when people get older. I do know that many get more active with others as they get older, I seem to be doing the opposite.
This is one of the reasons I started my gardening blog. I sometimes wonder if nobody spoke to me would I have spoken to anyone else again?

You also get to head back to being a child. I can make stupid, childish jokes and people can laugh at them… Because when you get older you realise that jokes are jokes.

Q – What did the metric alien say ?
A – Take me to your litre !

You groaned didn’t you? I laughed because it was stupid… It was a stupid joke and I am OK with that because I laugh at funny things without worrying about what others think.

All in all I don’t mind growing old… I have even become Zen to my loss of hair. #BaldIsBeautiful B-)


4 thoughts on “Growing Old”

  1. My sis told me something sad last night – her 6-year-old doesn’t dance and sing anymore because ‘someone might see.’ Broke my heart. Sis is older than either of us, and while she used to be painfully shy she also no longer gives a shit. I stopped giving a shit what people think back in my mid-20’s and it was AMAZING.
    Today I accidentally made something similar to those giant fan-powered wind puppets the Yanks put outside of petrol stations for attention. It was the BEST fun I’ve had in weeks. Ran around with it, giggling, trying to make it fly. It was lovely to have a 29 year old man tell me I was a child 🙂
    Just wish an actual child could be a child for longer.

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    1. There is a brilliant line I heard years ago, you must have heard it. “Sing like nobody is listening, dance like nobody is watching and live like nobody is judging”

      Kids will copy their parents, if the parents don’t sing, dance and have fun then the kids don’t. I could often see from my daughters friends the parents that don’t have fun. So sad. B-(

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  2. Ive turned 40 this year and im proud to say i often act like a kid (or so my wife tells me!) and i couldnt care less what other people think of it (but i do enjoy it when they laugh and have fun just like me). I do have to remind myself this feeling and behaviour comes with growing older. I try to tell my 12 year old son he needs not to worry all the time what other kids might think of him but i remember that peer pressure and the “need” to feel part of the group is a real thing and important to teens… He will grow up to be his inner child on his own pace, as did i!

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    1. I just hope he doesn’t lose his ability to gaffer fun. Seeing that you haven’t means he has a better chance to keep it.
      Having said that those early teen years are brutal to some kids. B-(


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