Is It Really Cheating?


Can you tell what I did for tea last night? B-)

There has long been a kind of snobbery in the culinary world. It seems to be lessening off of late, but it’s still there. People that use packets to make up meals are lazy and should feel bad for themselves… Not only that but if you don’t use the super expensive brands you are not only lazy, you are cheap!

Personally I think it’s bollocks.

In the meal I made there was fresh veg and the sausages were 100% pork. (I could have spent serious cash and bought expensive sausages, but these are the cheaper ones) No bad things in there. The packet was just a mix of herbs, spices, corn starch and a few other things. No menacing E-numbers or tons of sugar and salt. Salt was in there but near the bottom of the list.

So where does this blithe dislike of packets and those that use them come from? I really don’t understand it. It’s not that I am a lazy cook… But why should I spend time blending my own mix when this packet does it all for me? It’s not as though it really costs any more than the ingredients individually, but the time saved is WELL worth the 60p I spent on it. Also, it was really nice eating too.

I blended my own Garam Masala the other week, but then I already had all the ingredients anyway and I am likely to use it often now that I know I have it made up already.

In the end I think the important fact was that I used fresh veg in a meal we all enjoyed. In time I’m hoping that not only will I be buying fresh fruit and veg, I will be GROWING my own veg to use with that packet sauce.


4 thoughts on “Is It Really Cheating?”

  1. I don’t think so! I don’t know how to make oriental or Indian sauces/spice mixes. So if I find a packet I like, it becomes part of the meal plan. I’ve invented many a thing myself that you couldn’t buy anywhere, too (I’m sur you do the same). And yep, fresh good ingredients count!

    The chipper is cheating. Or a frozen pizza, even if you add your own extra toppings like we do 🙂

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    1. I’m not one for pizza at the best of times. But I am partial to a few chips! B-)

      And I’m not one for making my own meals up much. I prefer to follow recipes.


    1. I don’t have a lot of herbs and spices I don’t use. The only one I could say that about is the ginger… I bought it for one recipe.. Hated it and never made it again! >.<


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