Albums and Artists

Do you have a favourite band?

When it comes to music, many people, when asked, will tell you that they have a favourite artist or band. Some people will probably list off a few if pressed. I can’t do that, not really. I tend to go for tracks rather than artists. I could name any number of tracks I like. I may even have one or two off the same album but chances are that if I like a song I won’t like the majority of that persons/groups stuff.

Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Megadeth, Roxette, QueenCeelo Green and Savage Garden to name a few. All great artists or bands and I really like the songs listed. But if I like 2 songs on an album then… Well! B-)
So far I have only found one band I actually like enough to put an album on and listen to the whole thing after the first listen through. Ozric Tentacles.

Do you guys have a favourite band? And by that I mean actually enjoying the majority of the songs released as singles or on albums?




BTW… If the wife reads this (Hey, sweetie!) and actually follows the links she will probably be surprised I didn’t use my standard song of theirs. B-)


24 thoughts on “Albums and Artists”

  1. Oh dear – well, I never like every song by an artist, either. Sometimes complete albums aren’t on the list (Death Magnetic, anyone?), but Metallica is also my top favourite, after all these years. When I was a teen, it was Metallica, Supertramp and Yes (pre-90125 album works). I’ll still stick with those, but add in Tori Amos and Tool. Sometimes I just like one album – like Pink Floyd’s the Wall.
    My Sweetie is a DJ, so I am BOMBARDED with music whenever he is home. We do not share the same tastes – he would say Beastie Boys and De la Soul and Wilco and (sadly for him) Bowie and Prince. And about a gazillion others. Neko Case, Lucinda Williams, Anthrax!

    I should send you the link to his podcasts, you might like it! Last one was themed for the 4th of July so very American.


    1. I have a wide taste in music. I do like early tool stuff, but the latter stuff out me off. Never liked supertramp… But I also do like a couple of Prince songs. Diamonds and pearls and batdance mainly. I also liked anthrax and public enemy (bring the noise)… But then I liked the whole judgement night soundtrack.

      But pass on the link!

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  2. Oh man I forgot I could go on… Have you heard Aphex Twin? Kinda ambient like your Ozric (not my cuppa, sorry). His videos are SCARY, too. Come to Daddy:
    (an aside, he is a dead ringer for my hubby, when not making twisted faces, which makes the videos even creepier for me). Also your Megadeth link didn’t work!


    1. Apex twin is aka polygon window, who did “surfing on sine waves” in the early 90s when I was getting into The Prodigy. Yep, I liked done of hits stuff.. But it’s a bit samey for me.

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      1. Oh yeah, he likes the Prodigy too…sounds like you have as an eclectic taste has himself does! Let me figure out how to get a link without involving Facebook…he used to be live every Thursday but they went with all local people on that station, so now just podcasts.

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