I Suck At Photography

I have said this before… Yes, I have. >.>

Maybe it’s because I use a cheaper camera or simply my phone, but I really do suck at photography! That doesn’t mean I don’t get some nice photos. Its just that I will have to take DOZENS of photos to get something that is halfway decent.



Today’s “masterpiece” was a shot I wanted of a bird on the phone line outside. I pointed it out the window, lined it up and pressed the button… 3 seconds later it clicked and I got the above image.

Some would say “Wow, you got a bird in flight!” and they would be right… It’s nice, but it’s a lucky shot and it is NOTHING like what I thought I was going to get. The original idea was for a pic of a bird so I can ask ‘What is this’?

Also, it looks NOTHING like what it did through the screen. You may well be saying ‘Well, duh!’ But what am I supposed to expect other than what I can see on the screen?!


So compare that one against my other pic from today. A Tree Bumblebee on a Chive flower. The pic you see here didn’t look that good on the screen and I wasn’t even sure it would come out in focus because the little missy was moving around on the flower head. Yes, it’s a great pic, clear and in focus. But again it was a lucky shot and NOT what I was going for!
BTW… Expect to see that bee pic as next weeks Wordless Wednesday on my Gardening blog! B-)

Also. Whenever I use my camera flash everything looks yellowish. It’s a weird thing… I think I may be using it wrong. >.>

I really could do with taking a course on how to use lighting and when NOT to bother with a camera at all (natural lighting and all that) and just wait for better weather. With that said I’m going to try and take this course… See if it helps me.

If anyone knows of another free online course I would love for people to send links?


Thanks to delpozziphoto (check out his blog!).
He passed on this link to a facebook page with quite a few links to blogs and articles on photography. Lots to read now… I’m starting on this one. Will need to charge the batteries for my camera! B-)


8 thoughts on “I Suck At Photography”

  1. I learnt from books & Magazines and experimenting to get where I am today. Love the bee shot by the way, photography can be easy and also hard at the same time. It depends on what photo your taking and what equipment you use to get a good result and the person’s eye. A lot comes into play, anyone can take a snapshot, but not everybody can take a planned photo and expect it to be fantastic, that takes practice & know how. As the saying goes practice makes perfect, but in the case of photography practice makes better photos and you strive always to be perfect. You might think a photo is bad or not up to standard but there would be someone out there who would like it – by the way – there is no rule on how many photos you take to get the right one. Even pro photographers can take over 50 photos of one subject to get what they want and more. Take a course to learn the basics and then create your own skill in photography.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I am trying… I have read a few pieces but most of the time they tend to be talking about using high end cameras and how to get the best out of those rather than info for people like me who are really restricted on what kit they have and can afford.
      This is why I decided to go for a basic course like the one I linked to.
      And yes… Practice, practice PRACTICE! And because of that I think my skill has improved since I started on my other blog last year. At least now I can get the majority of shots in focus and with a minimum of shake (My hands shake a bit so that can be a bit of an issue. Thankfully the wife got a monopod… Helps No end! B-)

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  2. Learning and practicing what you learn. Your on the right track! If you are a Facebook person there is a a great page called “Digital Photography School” that has a lot of great training for free. Pursue The Light!

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        1. I find watching vids a little difficult as I like to do things as I see/hear them. For things like this the written word would probably be better.
          I edited the blog to include a link to your blog and the facebook group you mentioned.
          Again, thank you so much for that!

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