How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

If you are a tea drinker you may have noticed that there is quite a talking point about how you take your tea and how to make the ‘Perfect’ cup of tea. I am here to put it all to rest.

How do you make your perfect cup?

There… That was nice and easy… Good blog post, me… Well done. You deserve a rest.




Oh… Hey, me. Don’t you think you may want to put a qualifier in there? *Sigh*… Ok then.

If you read the internet you will see that there are many sites that will give you quite a snobby explanation as to why your Cup o’ Cha is piss poor. It’s bad and you should feel bad!

Personally I like my tea thusly… Black tea (Tetley bags for preference), hot water in an unwashed, used cup with two sugars after a 2 minute stirred (agitated!) stew and then a little milk stirred in at the end.

The wife likes her tea in a clean mug, milk poured in first with the bag. Boiling water, stewed for a couple of minutes with no sugar.

The difference between the two is amazing but that’s OK. We all like our own way of doing things. As long as you enjoy your drink then THAT is the perfect way of doing it. Over time you may change how you do it.

At work all but one of us are tea drinkers. We have one coffee drinker but he is mocked and ridiculed for drinking the wrong thing and not being British enough…. Pip pip! But the other odd thing is that none of us drinks our teas the same.

A few of the guys insist we drink Yorkshire Tea… (Here on known as pure cats piss) but I said ‘no’ and started taking in my own bags. Now we have PG Tips as a compromise. Some have milk and sugar, one has lemon… And there are quirks in how to make it too. one all but waves the bag over the top it’s that weak!

Ah… Such is life.

TL;DR… Stuff them… Just drink your tea!


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