The Curious Case Of Working Too Hard

In just about every job I have worked I have been accused of ‘Working too hard’… And I now have to admit that it’s getting annoying as fuck. No, seriously. Just how can it be possible to work too hard?

I’m not talking about brown nosing to look good in front of the boss or currying for favour in any other way… That I can accept, but I don’t do that. In fact you could even say that I work hard in spite of myself.

Where I am now I get in early so I can get stuff sorted for the day ahead. Mainly working out the expected shift ends for the vehicles or making up packs if needed…. Maybe even just move vehicles around and do a tidy up. No matter what I’ll be doing something to make the rest of the day that bit easier. The other guys know I do it and so they don’t need to worry about it on the weekend when I am in. Not only that but they also know that they don’t have to rush around at the end of the day doing silly jobs and if any get forgotten they will get picked up.
See? Easy stuff.

When I worked at the council I used to get in early to set up the mowers or kit needed for that day. Generally we would do the same jobs on the same days. For example, in Week 2 on a Tuesday we would cut a certain housing estate and we would need a certain set of mowers. I would get in early, get them loaded on the trailer, check they were fuelled up and not have flat tyres. All so that when the others got in we could be off straight away without any pissing around when everyone else is doing the same thing around us.
Not only that, but I did it to save others effort.

So how is that in any way, a bad thing? O.o

But I get comments about it. Not bad comments as in ‘stop it or I’ll give you a slap’ or anything like that. Just the ‘You are working too hard and you won’t get any thanks’. Well, so what? I don’t do it for thanks or recognition, that would be ‘fishing’… I do it because I want the people around me to have an easier time at work. It would be nice to get the odd ‘Thank you’ but I don’t expect them nor do I need them beyond the normal idea of helping others. I also don’t expect others to do the same as I do. These is none of this ‘I do it so you should’ crap. I do it out of choice… Not in order to make others look bad.

I just wish people would learn the difference between work pride and brown nosing. The two are NOT the same.

End of rant. Move along people. Nothing more to see here.


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