Recipe: Potato Salad

Well now. This is no ordinary recipe… This will be the first actual recipe where I will be using the majority of items from either my own garden or a friends.


First off I will be using the potatoes and spring onions I cropped from my garden yesterday. I will also be using 2 eggs that we get from one of the guys at the wife’s work. He has a dozen or so chickens and sells the eggs.

The only other things to be used will be a few drops of oil and a couple of spoons of mayonnaise. So….

The Recipe.

2lbs of Potatoes
3 Spring onions (If shop bought you may well need more)
2 large eggs (It works out at about 1 egg per pound of potatoes)
2 Tbsp of oil (Extra virgin is best but anything will work)
2 Tbsp of Mayonnaise

The Method

Clean and chop the potatoes into half inch cubes

Clean the spring onions, removing the dried parts. Using both the green and white of the onion, chop into pieces as small or large as you like. I personally prefer smaller pieces but there you go. B-)

Place the chopped potatoes and 2 eggs in a large pan and fill with enough water to just cover them. Bring the water to a boil and gently simmer for 10 mins.

Drain the eggs and potatoes and allow them to cool. You can place the 2 eggs in a bowl of cold water to cool them so you can shell them both.

When cool you can use the potatoes at their current size or you can cut them up if preferred.

Put the potatoes and add in the oil and gently stir to coat them evenly.

Next add in the chopped onions to the bowl.

Now take the two now shelled eggs and grate them into the bowl.


Next add in the mayo a spoonful at a time until you are happy. I personally go for 2 spoonfuls. I prefer it drier than wet. *shrugs*


You now have two choices. Chill it in the fridge or eat it warm!

I really like it warm on that first day but it has to be the original warm, if you reheat it it’s horrid! After that initial heat is gone it MUST be kept in the fridge if you want to keep it.

So that is how I made my first near fully home made meal! \0/

There are many ways to alter this recipe. A really good idea is for adding surf and turf! just fry off some beef and a little fish and add it on the side!
just be aware that a dryer salad would work better than a wetter one.


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