Lets Clean It Up!

Ok… It’s a stupid title that doesn’t match what the topic is about. Well… Kinda.


This is my aquarium. For some reason no matter how I photograph the thing it always looks worse than it actually is in real life. *sigh*
It’s 120 L (26 Gal) and is currently using 2 filters to keep it clean. And neither of them are doing a good job of it. Neither have enough filter space in them to keep up with my fish.

Now, as you may know, just before my hols I did a fair bit of overtime, about 23 hours or so, now I know what I am doing with that extra money. I’m going to go and replace my 2 not-big-enough filters with one MUCH BIGGER and far better option.



This is a bit of a change for me. This is an external filter rather than internal one. Normally you would put your pump/filter in the tank with the fish. But this REALLY limits the amount of medium you can have. With an external one, which is ironically what I learned to do with my pond out in the garden, you get a FAR better ratio of water to medium and so get more water cleaned.
Not only that but I don’t have to faff about taking the filters out of the water and risk spreading it out into the water, which happens more often than I like to admit. I just shut off the pump and lift out the medium and deal with it, nice and easy. No more soggy floors for me! YAY!

The other thing is that I won’t need either of the pumps or the air stone so I will also be saving on energy as this pump actually works out cheaper to run than any ONE of filters in there now, so removing both filters and the stone will save significantly. Not bad, eh?

And to cap it all it will be quieter… Something I’m sure the wife will be very happy to hear… Or not hear. Erm… You get what I mean!

If I have any spare money I may buy a UV addon for my pond outdoors. But I will have to do some research on those.


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