Oh dear…

Today we had a random visit from a couple of guys from the local council. In true council randomness they had been sent out to ‘Paint Garden Gates’… Not the fence or anything like that. Just the gates. Only the gates.

It’s not even as though they were given a list of houses that belonged to the council. No… They had to knock on all the doors and ask if the houses were council or not and then ask if they could paint the gates.

Yeah… Random. A bit of history for you. About 4 years ago we got a new gate because of the round of upgrades that were being done to renovate older houses. Fair enough. I can see that being a thing. They did our roof, kitchen and bathroom… Why not a new gate? So, today, they came around to paint it. Wonderful.

So already we have a fail. Then the workers left this… I shit you not I just had to sigh and shake my head. B-(


Yep… That has to stay on the floor until the paint dries.

I… Can’t… Even. >.>

I’m not even going to bother hiding this one behind a link. Here… I’m off for a cup of tea.



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