Her name isn’t Rio…

…But she may well dance upon the sands. B-)

Morning, folks! As I sit here typing this, it is 5:26am on a dark, slightly soggy, Friday morning and I have just come back from dropping the wife off at Leeds/Bradford airport so she can catch a flight to Rio… And I couldn’t be more proud. B-)

You see, she is off to the Paralympics. No, not as an athlete or a spectator, although she will no doubt be watching a fair amount of it too, but as a media person. How awesome is that?! She will be a part of the media team, those peeps that do the twitter, instagram, facebook, yada, yada, yada… All those. She is one of the unsung heroes that keeps everyone else up to date on what is going on.

For those of you that don’t know what the Paralympics are…. Read this!!!

My family is a big supporter of para-sports. For a while the wife was the manager of a sledge hockey team here in the UK and our daughter is a part of a local wheelchair basketball team. No, she isn’t an actual wheelchair user, she just plays it for fun. Although, side note, she knows a couple of the athletes heading to the paralympics. Another awesome thing! B-)

Not going to lie though. I don’t join in. I’m a supporter of the paralympics in as much as it is a thing… And it should be a thing, but I have no love for sports at all. I just don’t get it. And that’s fine. I don’t have to share the joy of sports to be proud of those that do enjoy it and actively help others enjoy it.

Anyway… This is really just a fluff piece to tell my wife that I love her and I’m oh so very proud of her. B-)

If you are interested and would like to know the schedule for the paralympics… Click here!

Oh, and Go Team GB!
(Other teams exist but GB is the best, so there!)


8 thoughts on “Her name isn’t Rio…”

        1. Thats the idea. She has done a couple of other, much smaller jobs. This is her first ‘big’ one.
          With luck this will open a few doors for her to go into that field. If nothing else it’s an awesome opportunity to tick off another continent that she has visited! B-)

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          1. Well I’m happy to know someone who knows someone so awesome! She’s outclassed ye 🙂 I bet you miss her to bits. I’ve only had two nights away from Himself in over 11 years, and while the peace and quiet was nice, it was also sooo lonely.

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