Marimo Completed

This morning I gave up waiting and decided to make it up today.

I took all my bits and, using all the stones, had a go to see which I liked. In the end it was the pebbles I liked. I put them all in the tub and removed some till I was happy.


In the end I got to here. It’s roughly 1/3 medium to 2/3 water. I have no idea if that is aesthetically good or not but I am happy with it, if you choose to give it a try then you will likely go with something else.


I then added the two Marimo and put the lid on.

I took the extra stones back outside and then took the completed Marimo bowl upstairs to the bathroom.


It will sit in the sunlight for a couple of days so that the bubbles disperse. Once it has settled down again I will move it to my room. It may be a North facing window but its actually not so bad. It gets a fair bit of diffused light.

BTW… If anyone wants more info there is a great channel on YouTube that has lots of vids on the subject. Wendi Phan


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