Oh dear…

Today we had a random visit from a couple of guys from the local council. In true council randomness they had been sent out to ‘Paint Garden Gates’… Not the fence or anything like that. Just the gates. Only the gates.

It’s not even as though they were given a list of houses that belonged to the council. No… They had to knock on all the doors and ask if the houses were council or not and then ask if they could paint the gates.

Yeah… Random. A bit of history for you. About 4 years ago we got a new gate because of the round of upgrades that were being done to renovate older houses. Fair enough. I can see that being a thing. They did our roof, kitchen and bathroom… Why not a new gate? So, today, they came around to paint it. Wonderful.

So already we have a fail. Then the workers left this… I shit you not I just had to sigh and shake my head. B-(


Yep… That has to stay on the floor until the paint dries.

I… Can’t… Even. >.>

I’m not even going to bother hiding this one behind a link. Here… I’m off for a cup of tea.



Ok…. This is weird

I was googling for an image to link into for one of my blogs. If you pay any attention to the text you will notice that I often link words to silly images.

Shame on you if you didn’t… Go back and read them again!


This pic makes no sense. I found it after Googling ‘Man with trolley’ for a reply to a comment on another vid…
I think the interwebs are trying to tell me something? O.o

The Curious Case Of Working Too Hard

In just about every job I have worked I have been accused of ‘Working too hard’… And I now have to admit that it’s getting annoying as fuck. No, seriously. Just how can it be possible to work too hard?

I’m not talking about brown nosing to look good in front of the boss or currying for favour in any other way… That I can accept, but I don’t do that. In fact you could even say that I work hard in spite of myself.

Where I am now I get in early so I can get stuff sorted for the day ahead. Mainly working out the expected shift ends for the vehicles or making up packs if needed…. Maybe even just move vehicles around and do a tidy up. No matter what I’ll be doing something to make the rest of the day that bit easier. The other guys know I do it and so they don’t need to worry about it on the weekend when I am in. Not only that but they also know that they don’t have to rush around at the end of the day doing silly jobs and if any get forgotten they will get picked up.
See? Easy stuff.

When I worked at the council I used to get in early to set up the mowers or kit needed for that day. Generally we would do the same jobs on the same days. For example, in Week 2 on a Tuesday we would cut a certain housing estate and we would need a certain set of mowers. I would get in early, get them loaded on the trailer, check they were fuelled up and not have flat tyres. All so that when the others got in we could be off straight away without any pissing around when everyone else is doing the same thing around us.
Not only that, but I did it to save others effort.

So how is that in any way, a bad thing? O.o

But I get comments about it. Not bad comments as in ‘stop it or I’ll give you a slap’ or anything like that. Just the ‘You are working too hard and you won’t get any thanks’. Well, so what? I don’t do it for thanks or recognition, that would be ‘fishing’… I do it because I want the people around me to have an easier time at work. It would be nice to get the odd ‘Thank you’ but I don’t expect them nor do I need them beyond the normal idea of helping others. I also don’t expect others to do the same as I do. These is none of this ‘I do it so you should’ crap. I do it out of choice… Not in order to make others look bad.

I just wish people would learn the difference between work pride and brown nosing. The two are NOT the same.

End of rant. Move along people. Nothing more to see here.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

If you are a tea drinker you may have noticed that there is quite a talking point about how you take your tea and how to make the ‘Perfect’ cup of tea. I am here to put it all to rest.

How do you make your perfect cup?

There… That was nice and easy… Good blog post, me… Well done. You deserve a rest.




Oh… Hey, me. Don’t you think you may want to put a qualifier in there? *Sigh*… Ok then.

If you read the internet you will see that there are many sites that will give you quite a snobby explanation as to why your Cup o’ Cha is piss poor. It’s bad and you should feel bad!

Personally I like my tea thusly… Black tea (Tetley bags for preference), hot water in an unwashed, used cup with two sugars after a 2 minute stirred (agitated!) stew and then a little milk stirred in at the end.

The wife likes her tea in a clean mug, milk poured in first with the bag. Boiling water, stewed for a couple of minutes with no sugar.

The difference between the two is amazing but that’s OK. We all like our own way of doing things. As long as you enjoy your drink then THAT is the perfect way of doing it. Over time you may change how you do it.

At work all but one of us are tea drinkers. We have one coffee drinker but he is mocked and ridiculed for drinking the wrong thing and not being British enough…. Pip pip! But the other odd thing is that none of us drinks our teas the same.

A few of the guys insist we drink Yorkshire Tea… (Here on known as pure cats piss) but I said ‘no’ and started taking in my own bags. Now we have PG Tips as a compromise. Some have milk and sugar, one has lemon… And there are quirks in how to make it too. one all but waves the bag over the top it’s that weak!

Ah… Such is life.

TL;DR… Stuff them… Just drink your tea!

Is It Really Cheating?


Can you tell what I did for tea last night? B-)

There has long been a kind of snobbery in the culinary world. It seems to be lessening off of late, but it’s still there. People that use packets to make up meals are lazy and should feel bad for themselves… Not only that but if you don’t use the super expensive brands you are not only lazy, you are cheap!

Personally I think it’s bollocks.

In the meal I made there was fresh veg and the sausages were 100% pork. (I could have spent serious cash and bought expensive sausages, but these are the cheaper ones) No bad things in there. The packet was just a mix of herbs, spices, corn starch and a few other things. No menacing E-numbers or tons of sugar and salt. Salt was in there but near the bottom of the list.

So where does this blithe dislike of packets and those that use them come from? I really don’t understand it. It’s not that I am a lazy cook… But why should I spend time blending my own mix when this packet does it all for me? It’s not as though it really costs any more than the ingredients individually, but the time saved is WELL worth the 60p I spent on it. Also, it was really nice eating too.

I blended my own Garam Masala the other week, but then I already had all the ingredients anyway and I am likely to use it often now that I know I have it made up already.

In the end I think the important fact was that I used fresh veg in a meal we all enjoyed. In time I’m hoping that not only will I be buying fresh fruit and veg, I will be GROWING my own veg to use with that packet sauce.