#Brexit… My Thoughts

FAIR WARNING…. WALL OF TEXT… Lots of reading in this one!
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Ok. So I refused to talk about this before the referendum took place. Now that it is done and the #Leave camp have won we need to move on.

For full disclosure, I voted out. I really do think that being a part of the EU was bad for us. But probably not in the same way that most people did. I saw a lot of people crying about immigrants, refugees, loss of local culture … All manner of things like that. I’m not going to say that those were not influential, but they were not the BIG reasons I voted how I did.

We Need To Make Britain Great Again!

Holy shit, did I just use a Trumpism? Shoot me now. >.>

I have been watching the UK industries slowly die over the last couple of decades. The British car industry, the steel industry, ship building, fishing… The list goes on. Well… I feel that *SOME* of that can be helped by a little bit of internal British pride and careful management of resources.

At the moment there is a big push to sell our good steel to China and buy back cheaper steel that is a lesser quality and make inferior goods with that. This needs to change. A block or tariff on steel imported needs to be levied. We need to pump our better quality steel back into our industries. We used to lead the world on steel goods… Sheffield Steel was a quality mark!

We also need to help our slowly growing car making industry, we import an amazing amount of cars from the continent but we also export some. But we also export to the rest of the world too. We NEED this kind of industry back.

This shows a heavy trade deficit. We need to import less, produce more and export to the world not just the eurozone.

We also need to look to our borders… Yeah… This is the subject that is going to polarise many. Do we need immigration? Yes, yes we do. I don’t care how you feel about non-British people… We do need immigration. We need quality people, skilled people, good people. But we also need a way to control just who comes in. Should we help refugees in a time of trouble? YES WE BLOODY WELL SHOULD. But I don’t think that crippling an already overstretched NHS and housing them in council housing where there is already a waiting list is the right way to do it. This is why there has been a growing level of xenophobia towards immigrants. When you prioritise outsiders over the native population of course you are going to get some kickback!

We should help them in their own region with money, goods, medical services and protection. Is this a perfect answer? No, no it isn’t… But its a better one that shooting ourselves in the foot to help someone else.

Moving on…
Agriculture, food, fishing and the environment. Many people feel that this will take a nose dive now that we will be leaving the EU. No… We just need to, again, look inward. We need to grow more usable food crops and grow less crops for export. We are constantly talking about food miles being an impact on the environment. Well here is our chance to show that we know what we are on about and invest in our own agi-sector to grow foods for UK consumption rather than cash crops like Rape for export and then buying in food.

Above all… We need a government that actually cares for the country first and the rest of the world a close second. Yes, we need to help the world as best we can BUT WE NEED TO SORT OUR OWN SHIT OUT FIRST.

We need to kick Cameron out… Seriously. The Neo-Cons too. I genuinely feel his brand of politics in toxic to a modern Britain. We need someone who is more Britain-centric rather than looking good for the rest of the world.
We also need a government who will stop pandering to the elite and more to the general populace. The tiering (I think I invented a word there) of our great nation has to stop. We also need to stop the factioning of the people in this country. Are you British or not? If you were born in this country you are British. Not Pakistani-British, not Indian-British, not Africa-British…. You are British… You are here because something British brought you here. Recent immigrants came all the way here because they wanted something that was British. So they must want to BE British… SO BE BRITISH… Fighting your way from your ¬†country was a hard thing. But if fear was the sole reason you would have stopped at the first safe place. No… You moved through dozens of countries to get here with the hope of a new life. SO BE BRITISH.

We need to learn from our time in the EU… Some things about the EU were good, the¬†ECHR for one. We need to implement many of those laws and rules. Environmental protection, animal protection and human rights. We need to be proud, not arrogantly proud and reject good ideas.

There is a call from, admittedly a small but vocal, part of the Muslim religion that want Britain to accept the rules from their holy book… Hell, I don’t even want the rules from the Christian one! This should be a secular country. The only way to keep it fair for everyone.
No religion is more important than yours because yours is no more important to anyone else and neither of your religions mean a thing to me. Not only that but their silly rules won’t force you to do anything against yours. The simple rule of law is what is the great equaliser. And they will need to be enforced without fear of racial backlash.
We also need a better tax system. As it goes it’s not actually that bad for individual people. But corporations need to be prevented form dodging taxes. Pay your fair share! Simple, no?

Some may think that there is an element of xenophobia in this post… No No No!!! NO!!!!!

We are part of the world stage and we also need to accept our place in it. We also have to accept that we are NOT the dominant force we used to be. Once upon a time the sun never set on the British Empire… Those glory days are gone.

We need to be friends with EVERYONE we can. We need to help everyone we can. Not be a part of a club that says ‘If you are not part of our club we want nothing to do with you’ which is the direction the EU seems to be going.

THIS is why I voted to leave. Not because I hate those people on the other side of the canal but because I love Britain and I want to see it great again. Control our borders with a reasonable level of immigration. Get our economy under control and maybe even get exports into a surplus. Improve our NHS and improve racial tensions in the communities.

I’d also like to see the Religious removed from any power positions… But then I am an Atheist… B-)

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